Which Roku Device Should I Get?

Posted on: January 6, 2020

If you are not able to decide which Roku device you should get then here we will give you full details and help you get an ideal Roku model. After getting your Roku you may need to know link code activation, an important thing that you must have to do. Find its details at the end of this article. Meanwhile, let’s first start with a little introduction to Roku.

What is Roku?

Know that Roku generally comes in different versions but factually, it is a stick or small black box that comes with a dedicated remote control & power adapter. Roku uses the Internet (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) to show you entertain you with tons of movies and serials.

Roku lets you see premium and free content from the Internet such as Netflix, Instant Video, Amazon, YouTube, Hulu, and many other streaming services, right on your TV.

When Roku was first introduced, there was a lot of confusion for instance what it is, how it works, moreover, for many, it was simply a free alternative for traditional cable TV. Make a note that it is not a precise replacement for cable. Roku gives you the freedom to access free content from YouTube-like streaming options on the other side it also lets you access paid or subscription content like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO.

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The good thing is much or paid content is way more than a cable TV contract. And the best thing is you don’t need to bind with any long-term commitment.

Before switching to Roku understand that Roku is not something that you can use to record videos but there may be some services that let you do so.

If you have a smart TV then you may don’t want to invest your money on the Roku device. Simply because it may be capable to do all the things that Roku is offering. You just need to cross-check the features.

Most recent Roku models come with only HDMI output. It simply means if you have an old model TV then you need to look for alternatives. Here the exception is the Roku Express+ that has composite video outputs along with the HDMI option. If you don’t want to upgrade your TV then simply consider going for Roku Express+.

Which Roku Should I Get?

Now coming to your concern know which Roku device should you get.

    • If you have a traditional old tube TV or the TV that doesn’t have any HDMI port then simply consider going with Roku Express+. The reason, it is the only existing model that comes with composite video outputs along with the HDMI option. Make a note that there is a plus at the end. Don’t get confused because there is a Roku Express without plus.
    • You might love to avoid the regular Roku Express and Premiere as they simply don’t come with a voice remote.
    • If you love watching in 4K then avoid buying regular Roku Streaming Stick even if you don’t have a TV that supports 4K. You can get the Roku Premiere+ that comes with almost the same price, it supports 4K. A good reason to eliminate Streaming Stick, isn’t, it?
    • If you want to enjoy the shows using headphones then consider going with Roku Ultra. It remote comes with a headphone jack.
    • If you want to experience fast and stable internet speed then go with the Roku Ultra.
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If you found above points bit complicated then let us summarize all for you:

    • Express+ if you have an old tube TV and don’t want to upgrade TV.
    • Streaming Stick+ if you are looking for a good mid-level solution and don’t have extra money to buy an Ultra.
    • Roku Ultra just because you can simply afford it.

As you are reading this it seems that you are now looking for further support that helps you to enjoy your Roku without interruption. Well, as soon you get your Roku you can call on our dedicated Roku customer service phone number (+1-(866) 819-3021). You can also simply visit our official website Activate Channel Link for more information.