Union Bank of India Adding a New Beneficiary

Today We Know Union Bank of India Adding a New Beneficiary.There are a number of errands we can do without having to physically go to a bank. It’s all thanks to the bank’s convenient online banking and mobile banking options. Among them is the transfer of cash. However, you can’t initiate one unless you add the receiver’s account as a beneficiary. In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to set up a Union Bank of India beneficiary.

There are two distinct kinds of beneficiary accounts. The first is if the recipient already has a bank account with Union Bank of India. The second scenario is when the recipient has accounts at many Indian financial institutions. If the account is held at a different bank in India, the system will prompt you to provide the beneficiary’s IFSC code. To be clear, this only applies if the recipient already has a UBI account. All that is required is the account holder’s name and number.

Bank of India Union Internet banking, or “Net Banking,” is a sort of electronic banking that enables its users to perform a wide variety of financial transactions digitally, including account access and management, money transfers, deposit management, trading platform upkeep, and more. The bank promotes convenient banking around-the-clock and from any place. All consumers may have access to online banking services. Let’s investigate Union’s web-based banking and trade options.

Union Bank of India Adding a New Beneficiary

Follow Steps to adding a new beneficiary union bank of India

  • Use your browser of choice to go to Unionbankonline.co.in.
  • It will take you to the Union Bank of India homepage. For retail customers, please select the “Retail User Login” option. For business accounts, please use the “Corporate user login.” A new page containing a warning about potential security risks would load. Follow the link to the login screen and enter your credentials there.
  • After logging in, select the “Transfers” menu option. If you want to send money to another UBI account holder, select “To other UBI accounts” and fill out the beneficiary information.
  • Simply select “To other UBI accounts” and add the recipient’s information to complete the transfer to another UBI account.
  • However, it is essential that If you want to send money to a different bank account, you’ll need to choose the ‘NEFT/RTGS option. On the new screen, select “Register Beneficiary.” When a beneficiary is added in this way, the funds can be transferred via NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS.
  • The recipient’s account information would be displayed here. Fill up details like the cellphone number, email ID, payee’s name, account number, bank branch and IFSC code etc.
  • To determine which branch of the bank the entered IFSC number refers to, the website may need some time.
  • When you’re done filling out the form, hit the “Add Payee” option at the very bottom. When prompted, choose ‘ok’ to open the website in a new tab. There will now be a screen asking you to “Confirm Beneficiary;” do so by clicking the corresponding link.
  • Enter the mobile phone where you’d like to get your tracker ID here.
  • The beneficiary will be added after you confirm by clicking “Submit.”

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