Things to do If Roku Activation Code is Not Working

Posted on: October 8, 2020

If your Roku Activation Code has not been working or you have tried everything and still cannot activate your TV then it is really unfortunate. Well, don’t feel bad. Here we have something that you can do to try and get it working again. Make a note that there are ample of things that you can do yourself without taking the help of anyone to get your Roku activated. On this page, you will get some instructions to fix your Roku. Follow them one by one. Just in case you are still out of luck then feel free to contact us. We will fix your problem instantly. You can find the details at the end of this blog.

Before getting started know what is Roku Activation Code?

Roku is an advanced streaming player that requires a working internet connection to work and you definitely know it. Now, it is not like you can just connect the internet and start enjoying your entertainment.

What you need is know is Roku requires an activation code that as the name suggests activates the device. There are multiple reasons why Roku uses this process to activate the device.

One of the common reasons is distinguishability. As a user, you need to enter this code whenever you want to buy any paid channel apart from activating the Roku device. We hope you understand why code is necessary. Now just in case you still didn’t found your Roku code then here is how you can generate one.

How to Generate Roku Activation Code

  • The first thing you need to do is visit the official website or simply create a fresh account.
  • If you already have your credentials then sign in.
  • You need to keep in mind that you require to add the right email address as this will be your primary account that will be further used to manage your settings and preferences.
  • Now click on the link code or enter in the browser address bar.
  • Now, you need to move from here a little bit and connect your Roku device to the internet.
  • After successfully establishing the internet connection you will get the Roku code on your screen.
  • You need to enter this code on your browser screen or Roku link page.
  • If it is showing error then here is what you need to follow.

Now, first of all, determine whether you are following the right procedure or not. It is important for you to know that activating the Roku player is a fairly very easy process that even a non-technical person can also do without any problem. If you are not able to activate your Roku streaming player then it clearly means there is something odd that stops you from activating your Roku.

Anyways you need to check for things that act as a prime culprit and as soon you figure it out you will instantly activate your device and enjoy your shows. So are you ready?

Things to Do If Roku Activation Code is Not Working

Things to do If Roku Activation Code is Not WorkingCheck Internet Connection

You definitely know that Roku requires an internet connection to work so before you intentionally skip this part we strongly recommend you check the internet connection.

We are talking about the stability of the internet. If your internet connection is currently fluctuating or has any connection problem then it might be the prime culprit. Talk to your internet service provider.  Fixing it will instantly solve your problem.

Check Cables

If you’ve successfully got the Roku welcome screen then you can skip this point buy you need to check this out if you are getting a completely blank screen on your TV. We recommend you check for the cables whether they have been plugged in the right slots or not.

If you are not sure then you can follow the manual book that you get with your Roku box. Just in case you misplaced it then just don’t worry you can found a copy of it online easily. Just search with your Roku model number.

Double Check the Code

Maybe you are entering the wrong code. Yes, it happens after all we all are human and we made mistakes. You need to check the code manually, double-check it, and enter the right code.

Update the Software

You might be using outdated software. If your software is not up to date then your device might need an upgrade in terms of software. Immediately update the software of your Roku device.

Restart the Device

Sometimes a simple reboot is all that you need. When we have a problematic phone the first thing we generally do is simply restart it. You need to do the same with your Roku device. Unplug your Roku for a few minutes and turn it on. Alternatively, you can also use the power button too.

Restart the Internet

Similarly, you can also restart the modem and connect it again. Restarting your internet will ensure that you will get a little better speed.

Note the Roku Error Code

If you are getting any error code on your TV screen then know that every single code has some meaning. For instance, a particular error shows that the internet is not connected, etc. Understanding them you can take respective action.

Still out of luck? Well, as we promised we give you the working solution. Have heard about Activation Channel Link? If not then know that it is a famous service that helps people like you solving the Roku problems. All you need to do is call us at our toll free number +1-(866) 819-3021. We will help you with activating your Roku device. Don’t forget to call us if you are facing any other problem.