The Union Bank of India RTGS Form and NEFT Form

Today We Know The Union Bank of India RTGS Form and NEFT Form.Real-Time Gross Settlement” is an abbreviation for this process. Large sums may be sent using this method. The smallest possible RTGS transfer is 2 Lakhs. There is no limit on the amount that may be transferred. Transactions will be settled instantly. Those who use our service may send money to any bank in India. UBI to non-UBI bank transfers are possible. UBI mobile banking and online banking both provide this feature.

Real-time gross settlement (RTGS) and national electronic funds transfer (NEFT) are two examples of electronic payment systems that facilitate the movement of money between financial institutions. Whereas RTGS uses a real-time settlement mechanism, NEFT transfers are processed in batches. Union Bank RTGS/NEFT batches are settled on the hour, so after you’ve filled out the form (including the payee’s account number, IFSC code, and amount), you may drop it off at any Union Bank branch. Downloadable PDF RTGS/NEFT Form from Union Bank of India.

Union Bank RTGS Form PDF is being uploaded today for your convenience. If you need a Union Bank RTGS Form and have been unable to get one in PDF format elsewhere, you have arrived at the correct place. Union Bank RTGS Form PDFs are available for download at the site provided below. Individuals may move money electronically between banks using RTGS (Real-time Gross Settlement) and NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer). Unlike the RTGS’s instantaneous settlement procedure, the NEFT’s method of transferring funds occurs in batches.
Union Bank RTGS/NEFT hourly time slot, payee’s account number, IFSC code, and the amount to be transferred are all required fields on this form before it can be delivered to the payee at the appropriate bank branch. Please find included your check card.

The Union Bank of India RTGS Form and NEFT Form

Steps To Fill UBI NEFT/RTGS Application Form

You may easily complete the Union Bank NEFT/RTGS Form by following the instructions below. –

  • The UBI NEFT/RTGS Form has many sections, including one for Beneficiary Details, another for Remitter Details, another another for For Office Use Only, and finally one for Customer Copy. You must provide the required information for the RTGS/NEFT to proceed.
  • The first step is to provide the remittance’s recipient, account number, bank, branch, IFSC code, date of remittance, and account type in the corresponding fields.
  • Enter the Remitter’s information, including their name, address, PAN number, mobile phone number, the amount being sent (in both numeric and text format), and the method of payment.
  • Now, review the document thoroughly, sign it, and hand it over to the bank.
  • The bank’s signature under the “For Office Use Only” area is where the time, date, and other details of the request or transaction’s processing will be recorded.
  • Last but not least, in the “Customer Copy” field, the bank will write the customer’s RTGS/NEFT transaction reference number, the date of the transfer, and the unique identifier (UTR).

NEFT Timings in Union Bank of India

Here are the times when Union Bank of India net transactions are processed. These duration apply to UBI NEFT bank-branch transactions only. From 8:00 am to 9:00 pm, daily transactions occur. Prior to 6 PM, clients may submit their transaction information. In order to complete the deal the same day.

RTGS Timings In Union Bank of India

The UBI RTGS done at a bank branch. Timings given to customers should be respected. The deadline for submitting a batch RTGS file is 5 o’clock. As much of the business as possible should be handled on the same day it is received. The following are the timestamps for UBI RTGS transactions. In any case, the time of online RTGS is not the same as that of physically manufactured RTGS.


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