The IDFC First Bank RTGS Application

Today We Know The IDFC First Bank RTGS Application.India Development Finance Corporation (IDFC) Bank is a private bank in India. Which launched in October of 2015. The Infrastructure Development Finance Corporation (IDFC) first opened its doors to a whopping 10,000 customers across 23 locations. The company’s headquarters may be found in Mumbai. IDFC has helped its consumers in many different ways via its many different services (loans, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, etc.).

We are all aware that new ways of transferring money between banks are being developed every day. Within a matter of seconds, the funds may be moved from one account to another. Using services like UPI, Google Pay, Phonepe, etc., we may send the funds to one another. However, there is a drawback in that you can only transmit a little amount at a time. That’s why we’ve got RTGS/NEFT: to get past all these obstacles. We may utilize these services if we need to send a large sum of money (in Lakhs).

Real-Time Gross Settlement is an acronym for this process. It’s convenient for sending large sums of money. The minimum amount that may be transferred into the RTGs is 2 Lakhs, and there is no maximum restriction. It doesn’t matter which bank in India you choose to make the transfer; all of them will do. Which supports both RTGS and NEFT.

Fill RTGS Form Of IDFC

IDFC First bank’s NEFT and RTGS forms include several fields. This page will assist you in completing the aforementioned form. I’ve outlined the procedures that must be followed in order to successfully complete the NEFT/RTGS form:

  1. It’s important to note that RTGS is only used for transfers of more than 2 lakhs rupees, whereas NEFT is utilized for transfers of less than that amount.
  2. You’ll find that the RTGS or NEFT form has 2 distinct parts. the two sides, right and left. Information on the Remitter and the Beneficiary may be found in the Right column. The left side of the page is reserved for the client’s material.
  3. The next step in transferring funds through RTGS/NEFT is for the client to provide information such as the Beneficiary Account Details, Sender Account Details, Beneficiary Bank’s IFSC Code, and the amount to be sent.

The IDFC First Bank RTGS Application

IDFC RTGS Form Timing

  1. The hours of operation are 7:00 AM to 5:45 PM, Monday through Friday. If you want your bulk RTGS file processed the same day you must submit it before 17:00Hrs.
    Seven o’clock in the morning till seventeen forty-five in the evening every Saturday (except every other and every fourth Saturday).
  2. The deadline for submitting a bulk RTGS file is 17:00Hrs.
  3. There are no classes on Sundays.

IDFC RTGS Form Limit

The maximum amount that may be sent through IDFC RTGS to the first bank is Rs. 2 million. Customers of this bank have the option of making international wire transfers of more than 2,000 rupees.

Download IDFC RTGS Form

  • IDFC FIRST Bank NEFT/RTGS Form PDF. Title of Article.
  • Department of Banking and Finance
  • Customers of the Bank Will Benefit
  • The English language.
  • Check out the official website here:
  • Get the NEFT/RTGS Form for IDFC FIRST Bank here in PDF format

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