Sbi online application for a new cheque book.

Today We Know Sbi online application for a new cheque book.One of the most useful banking tools is the cheque book, which allows you to manage your savings account without needing to physically carry any cash. This is why once a customer’s current check book is empty, he or she will seek for a replacement.

Anytime a client opens a savings account at the bank, the bank will provide them with a check book. A client may get a new check book by filling out a request form and submitting it.In a few days, the consumer receives the check book at their specified delivery address. The State Bank of India is among the many Indian financial institutions that allow customers to request new cheque books through the Internet.

When you create an account with the State Bank of India, you’ll get a check book with ten blank pages. If you’ve already used them all and need a new one, you may quickly request a new one through text message or online banking if you have an SBI account.Customers of the State Bank of India (SBI) may request a replacement chequebook using internet banking or short message service (SMS). You can get an SBI chequebook by visiting your bank branch and filling out a form, but first I’ll show you how to order one online through internet banking, then I’ll show you how to Request SBI Cheque Book Through SMS, and finally, if all else fails, I’ll show you how to SBI chequebook request online in the steps as mentioned earlier.

Follow step to Sbi online application for a new cheque book

  1. The first step is to enter your credentials on
  2. You’ll need to choose the e-services menu item at that point.
  3. Then, on the menu that appears, choose the cheque book icon.
  4. Make your choice of cheque book features based on your specific needs. Both the quantity of check books and the number of leaves per cheque book are selectable.
  5. You may request a multi-city check by selecting the appropriate radio button. Choose the “Submit” button after you’re done making your selections.

You may order a new cheque book using the SBI online site, and it will be sent to your registered address within a few days.

The same service is also provided by other banks, including HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Bank of Baroda, Axis Bank, SBH, Bank of Baroda, and Punjab National Bank. Cheque books may now be supplied to them considerably more quickly and easily.

Sbi online application for a new cheque book.

Charge of sbi book cheque

In accordance with the Online SBI Portal, multi city checks will be made available here shortly after your submission. If you would like a standard cheque book, you will need to contact your local bank. Fees may be assessed based on the kind of bank account you have.
The price for each cheque leaf is Rs 3 for all savings accounts having a quarterly average balance as of the preceding quarter end of less than Rs 25,000.

  1. There will be a fee of Rs 2 per cheque leaf for accounts having a quarterly average balance of Rs 25,000 or above as of the preceding quarter’s end.
  2. The bank grants its senior citizen and salary account holders 50 paid holidays per year, while those in the P-Segment and AGL Segment get 20 paid holidays annually.
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