New SBI Passbook Request Procedure

Today We Know New SBI Passbook Request Procedure.Everyone is familiar with State Bank of India (abbreviated as SBI), the largest bank in India. SBI is the bank of choice for millions of individuals throughout the world. I was browsing Facebook not too long ago and read an article claiming that one in three Indians use Facebook to manage their finances. Considering this, you can probably guess how many individuals have SBI bank accounts. Here I will explain the steps necessary to get a replacement SBI passbook.

SBI requires customers to submit a written application to the branch manager should they need a replacement passbook. Visit your home branch with the application letter and the identification verification document in hand and give them to the branch manager. Any new passbooks requested by a client would incur a fee of Rs. 100 + GST from the financial institution.

A fresh passbook may also be requested from the State Bank of India in a number of other ways. There are further options; for example, you may ask for a replacement utilizing the online banking service. To find out more about this topic, please continue reading this article.

When we create an account with SBI or any other bank in India, we are given a welcome package that contains our bank passbook, debit card, and cheque book (if we requested one). The major item in the package is the passbook that serves as evidence of our SBI bank account. Our bank passbook serves as evidence of address in India in several situations.

New SBI Passbook Request Procedure

Request for new sbi passbook

In the event that your passbook is lost or stolen, you may apply for a replacement passbook either online or in a branch.

The fact is that you can’t get a replacement passbook using your bank’s website. The official website lacks a replacement passbook request feature. You may look in the requests area to see whether the feature you want has been included to future versions.

Follow some steps to get new sbi passbook

  • Go ahead and start at the SBI website for online banking.
  • You may access the login screen directly from the homepage.
  • Input your login ID and password to enter.
  • To make a request or ask a question, go to the dashboard and click the corresponding button.
  • Then, choose the “More” option that appears.
  • Select the “new book application” tab to continue.
  • A new passbook may be printed for any of your accounts if you choose the appropriate one.
  • The next step is to fill up your personal information.
  • Your new passbook is on its way to your home.

Visit a bank branch and use your passbook

If a new passbook is needed for an existing account, the customer should visit their local branch. Take your evidence and report to the closest outpost. If you lose your passbook, this is the only method to receive a replacement. Get a replacement passbook by filling out an application and providing a justifiable excuse.

The account holder may request a replacement passbook by following the instructions.

  • Take the copies of the supporting documents to your local SBI branch.
  • The next step is to fill out an application and to provide relevant information about yourself.
  • Then, explain why you need a new passbook.
  • Put your name down in ink on the application.
  • You should send in your application documentation.
  • A copy of the passbook may be obtained by paying the required fee.

A new passbook may be obtained in this manner at SBI. Requesting a replacement passbook is your only choice. If you lose your bank passbook, printing a new one would cost you more than Rs. 100. If you utilize every page in your passbook, you will not be charged extra.

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