How to Set up Roku Streaming Stick?

Posted on: December 6, 2019

Setup Roku streaming stick

The Roku Streaming stick as suggested by the name is a Small streaming device presented by Roku which can turn your Normal Flat Panel TV into the latest Smart TV in a few minutes. It is a notable device due to its small size- almost the size of the flash drive.

It is a complete streaming device that can be plugged into the HDMI input of television and turn your TV into a smart TV instantly. In following down we will get to know how to set up Roku stick.

The Roku Streaming Stick can be set up easily in a few steps and it works exactly the same as other Roku streaming devices. The only Difference between Roku streaming stick and Other Models ( Roku PREMIERE and ROKU ULTRA are that they are little big Boxes in size and sits on your Home theatre and connect to the TV Via HDMI cable whereas Roku stick is connected to TV directly to the HDMI cable.

Steps to Set up Roku Stick

Roku Tv and streaming stick

  • It is a very straight forward process, all you need is to insert the Roku streaming stick in an unused HDMI input of the TV.
  • Now turn on the Tv and select the HDMI slot by pressing the input button on the TV remote.
  • Now Put the Batteries in the Roku remote control and follow the instruction given on the Tv to connect your Roku stick to the WIFI network.
  • Once your Roku stick is connected then it will update the software and will give you the activation code on the screen.
  • You are almost done with the Setup Roku Stick. Once you get the activation code Go to the website shown on the Tv screen and enter the code.
  • Entering the code will lead you to set up the Roku account to activate your Device and that completes your Set up Roku Stick.

Once you have configured your Streaming stick setup, you can watch TV by using the remote control or the mobile APP. Once you are done with the setup Roku stick it will show you all the available channels like NETFLIX, HULU, AMAZON, SLING or others. You can also add the channels of your choice by going on channel store or streaming channels.

Roku Streaming stick does not come with Headphone Jack, nor does it supports 4K TVs while most other Roku devices do. All the new devices mostly have Audio Jack and do support 4K.