How to Send Money From Union Bank of India to Another Institution

Today We Know How to Send Money From Union Bank of India to Another Institution.Money transfers are a convenient service offered by Union Bank of India to all of its clients. Union Bank of India users may use this facility to send money to any other Indian resident instantaneously. Money sent using this mobile-friendly online service from Union Bank of India is deposited directly into the recipient’s account as soon as it is received.

The ability to send money electronically without having to write a check is a major benefit of the Union Bank of India’s electronic fund transfer service. You don’t have to hand over the check to the recipient since the funds will appear in their bank account instantly. Please download our app and register your accounts with the Union Bank of India to enjoy this online money transfer service. After that, you’ll need to create a personal identification number (PIN) to access your Union Bank of India accounts securely, and then you may use that PIN to send money to almost anybody inside India.

Before internet payment gateways were introduced, transferring money between bank accounts was a time-consuming process. As internet-based technologies advance, these kinds of platforms become more practical by way of widely accessible computers.Union Bank of India is one of the most prominent Indian financial institutions in terms of cutting-edge online banking options, and its online money transfer service is reliable.Union Bank of India allows customers to send money to another bank with only a few clicks and the appropriate account details. Learn how to transfer money from Union Bank of India to any other bank with this helpful guide.

How to Send Money From Union Bank of India to Another Institution

Follow some steps to transfer money union bank to another bank

  • Launch your favourite web browser and go to
  • When the website loads, go to the left side and choose “Retail Login.” To access your company account, please utilize the “corporate user login” link.
  • On the next page, enter your login details. Move on to the next step and choose “transfer” from the options.
  • Select “IMPS or NEFT/RTGS payments” from the menu on the left. While the former is quick, the latter takes time and is often used to send money to a different bank.
  • Fund transfers may be made by selecting “Fund Transfer using Account number and IFSC” on the “Select your Option” page if beneficiaries have already been set up in your account. If you want to add a beneficiary in Union Bank of India, read the article.
  • And then choose ‘transfer’ from the drop-down menu. A new window will open up requesting your personal details. Make a selection from the drop down menu to indicate the account from which you want to make a payment, and make a second selection to indicate the account from which the funds are to be received by the recipient. Fill out the blanks for “Email,” “Mobile,” “Payment Amount,” and “Comments” if applicable. When you’ve finished entering all of this information, hit the “Pay” button at the very bottom.
  • Username and Transaction Password are required for access.
  • A “Transaction Successful” pop-up with more details will appear once you click the Pay button.

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