How to Fix Roku Error Code 0033?

Posted on: July 29, 2020

Are you getting error code 0033 on your Roku? Don’t worry, you are on the right portal. We have started this portal to help people like you who are struggling to fix their Roku problem. As Roku has only a forum as the support we can understand how much trouble you are facing to find the right solution. In this article, we will discuss Roku’s error code 0033. For other Roku errors and problems, you can explore our blog or simply take the help of the experts. Get the toll free roku support number at the end of this article. Now without wasting much time let’s discuss the solution.

How Roku Error Codes Are Helpful?
Imagine just getting a blank screen. You will be clueless, right? This is the reason Roku has designed its software in a way that if there is a problem it will throw a respective error on the screen. It will be helpful for users or even for them to find out the real problem without going through all the checks.

Though for general users, codes are still an out of the box thing and no need to say you are among them. Anyways don’t feel bad about yourself no one understands them clearly. You will be glad to know that we have a solution to your error problem. As you are here to fix Roku error code 0033 here is a quick guide that will help you to fix the error.

What is Roku Error Code 0033?
You are getting Roku error code 0033 because there might be any change in your already subscribed pack. Most of the time this error occurs when you are trying to establish a new Wi-Fi connection with your Roku device.

This also occurs when you’ve requested your internet service provider to change or update your billing address. Sometimes you might be streaming from different connections and because of this Roku device is facing difficulty to register the right internet connection.

How to Fix Roku Error Code 0033?
If you are getting error code 0033 on your Roku then don’t worry it is quite easy to solve. All you need to do is follow the below instructions step by step without missing anything.

First of all, make sure your Roku device is updated. It means you need to update your software first. After updating the software you need to follow the next procedure.

Hold on the update process is quite tricky as you are not getting anything on screen you need to follow this hack.

How to Update Roku From Error Code Screen?
● Take your Roku remote and tap on the home button 5 times
● Three times press the Fast Forward button and then press two times the Rewind button.
● You will get the software update screen. Click on the Ok button to proceed.
● After updating your device you need to simply activate your favorite channel. You can do this from the channel list that is currently displaying on the Roku home screen device.
● When activating window pop-ups simply enter the activation code.
● Make sure you are entering the right code. After typing your code click on the Ok button.
● Now, sign in with your login credentials.

Congrats! You’ve fixed the error code 0033.

I Am Still Getting the Error Code 0033
If the error is still showing on the screen then you might have missed any step. Though you are confident that you’ve followed all the procedures then make a note that sometimes it is not possible to fix the problem even if you are following the right guide.

If you are not able to fix the problem then you need to take the help of experts directly especially if you don’t have time to follow any other procedure.

We recommend you to call at Roku customer service phone number +1-(866) 819-3021. It is a toll-free number of Activate Channel Link. It is a dedicated toll-free number of technical support that will help you with solving any kind of Roku errors and problems. You can call them and get instant support and resume watching your entertainment.