How To Enter Roku TV Link Code?

Posted on: October 31, 2019

woman watching roku tv

Roku TV is one of the most prominent streaming device among all its competitors Be it Apple TV or Fire Stick.It has completely changed the streaming entertainment industry and make it a lot pocket friendly as well. You just need WiFi and there you go. You don’t need to subscribe for the channels that you wanted to watch.


The process to Enter Roku Tv Link Code is to setup the Roku account and activate Roku device. All you need it your LCD TV with HDMI slot in it and wireless internet to set it up. It is free to setup the Roku account and activate, However you might have to pay for the channels you subscribe or Rent a movie.


However, entering Roku TV link code is one of the most easiest task that anybody with little knowledge to operate smart phone or internet knowledge can do.


How to enter Roku TV Link Code at

Using the following steps you can easily setup the Roku and enter the Roku TV link code –

  • Take out the Roku Streaming Device form box and read the instructions Manual carefully.
  • Connect the Power cable to one end of the Device and Other end to the HDMI slot of your TV.
  • Grab the TV remote and press input button, Select the HDMI slot of your Tv on which your Roku Device is connected.
  • Select your favourite Language and continue.
  • Select the wifi name available on the Tv screen and Enter the password.
  • Once the device is connected it will show you the Web link and enter the Roku Tv link code.
  • If you have a Roku account Already then sign in with the account or setup an new account.


NOW you are all set and you just need to add the Channels to your Account and activate.


We have the trained agents who are there 24/7 to help you, you face any problem. Roku support Number is 18668193021 available for you to help you in any way with the Roku activation.