How to Connect Roku to Wi-Fi?

Posted on: July 24, 2020

Got your Roku streaming player? Well, first of all, congratulations on that and now we know how exciting you are feeling right now to watch your favorite web series or movies. Before you jump the gun it is important for you to know that Roku requires internet connection and activation to work. As you are here to know how to setup Roku it seems that you stuck with the first process. Don’t worry here we will provide you a little and quick guide that helps you connect Roku to Wi-Fi.
What You Need
• Roku TV, streaming stick, or box
• A working Wi-Fi connection

The first thing that you need to do is turn on your Roku device. This is an obvious thing. Now you need to connect your Roku device with your Wi-Fi connection.

Just in case you are using a wired connection then you can find an Ethernet port on your device. If you are using a Roku stick then you may not find it as it is limited to few models. Anyways if you ask which one to choose if you have both options then we recommend you go with wired or Ethernet option.

Contrary to popular belief where experts say Ethernet offers better stability we are recommending you Ethernet option because your Wi-Fi router may have some disturbance in-between that affects the speed. If possible then go with the Ethernet option without any hesitation.

Make a note that when you choose a wireless option then you need to follow some extra steps. First of all, you need to find your Wi-Fi network on your TV screen. Select your Wi-Fi and enter your password. That’s it you’ve successfully established Wi-Fi connection. If it is not working then double-check your password or the network you are connecting.

Now coming to Ethernet then it doesn’t require any special settings just plug it and follow the on-screen instructions. With Ethernet all, you need to just ensure that your internet is working and there is no problem in your Ethernet cable.

We hope you’ve got your answer. Now the next step is the activation of the Roku device which again is an important process. Without activation, you can’t get access to your favorites. You are not even able to access anything without activation. Just in case if you are not able to activate your Roku device then feel free to let us know by calling us at our toll free number. We promise you that we will solve your problem with full expertise. Keep in mind that we are a fully dedicated team who is right here to solve your any type of Roku problem.