How To check Bank Balance of Allahabad Bank

Today We Know How To check Bank Balance of Allahabad Bank.All of a customer’s withdrawals from their Allahabad Bank account are itemized when they call the bank’s Balance Enquiry hotline. It’s useful for keeping tabs on money, knowing how much is in one’s Allahabad Bank account, preventing fraud, and learning about one’s spending patterns generally. Among India’s many respected financial institutions, Allahabad Bank ranks high. You may utilize this service if you are a client of Allahabad Bank and your cellphone number is on file with the Bank. Contact the local Allahabad Bank branch to register your mobile phone number.

The Allahabad Bank was founded in 1906, making it one of India’s first examples of a cooperative bank. Towards the end of April 1865, it was formally constituted. It just celebrated its 150th anniversary. Throughout its history, Allahabad Bank has always provided excellent service to its clientele. This merger between Allahabad Bank and Indian Bank took place in the year 2020. Its main office may be found in Kolkata.

When it comes to India’s public sector banks, Allahabad Bank consistently ranks high. In order to meet the needs of its many clients, the bank has been constantly innovating for decades. The bank has made great strides toward digitalization in an effort to save consumers the hassle of driving to a branch and standing in line for extended periods of time just to do basic banking. Inquiring about one’s Allahabad Bank balance, transferring money, paying utility bills, etc., may now be done through a wide variety of online and offline methods. Keeping in touch with the bank is now possible from any location, whether it your office or living room.

How To check Bank Balance of Allahabad Bank

Allahabad Bank Balance Enquiry By Passbook

You may acquire an up-to-date account balance at any Allahabad Bank branch by updating your passbook. When a person opens an account with Allahabad Bank, they are given a passbook. Visit your local Allahabad Bank branch to get your most up-to-date passbook balance information. All of a customer’s debit and credit transactions are recorded in detail in their Allahabad Bank passbook. Alternatively, Allahabad Bank Enquiry is available via net banking and mobile banking services, so account holders can take care of banking needs without leaving the house.

InterNet Banking

God’s Own Bank, or Allahabad Bank Any account holder who has signed up for online banking can use that service to check their account balance at any time. Using their User Name and Password, account holders can access their dashboard and view their account balance.

Allahabad Bank customers can check their account balances from anywhere with the Allahabad Bank mobile banking app.

Balance Enquiry SMS Number

Users who have signed up for this service will also be able to check their account balances via text message. A customer service request is initiated when an sms code is sent to the designated service numbers. The user can use the SMS codes to check their account balance, transaction history, mini-statement, and more. The mobile number used to send the message must be one that is on file.

Allahabad Bank Balance Check Number

You can leave a missed call at the service number to learn your Allahabad account’s current balance. An authorized customer mobile phone number is required for contact. The following is a number you can call to get a missed call with your current account balance. This service is provided at no cost to you.

Mini-statements can also be delivered via missed call to account holders. Additionally, you may review the last five purchases by way of missed call. You can get your account information by leaving a voicemail with the relevant service number.

  • The first step is to launch your phone’s dialing or calling application.
  • Your registered mobile number can be used to dial to 8108781085.
  • When the call is finished, you will receive a text message from the bank with your current balance.


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