How to Cancel a Cheque Payment IDFC First Bank

Today We Know How to Cancel a Cheque Payment IDFC First Bank.Checks are often used for transactions all around the world, not only in India. But what if the cheque’s issuer changes his mind after the check has already been written? When this occurs, the cheque’s originator may call his bank to have the funds in his account frozen. Here, I’ll explain how to halt a payment on a check at IDFC First Bank. The account holder may choose from a variety of options to reverse the transaction.

One of the top private banks in India is IDFC First Bank, and it provides a full suite of banking options to its customers. Count myself among the bank’s delighted customers; I love using this institution. Is there anything you’d want to share about your time at this financial institution? Post your thoughts in the comments section below. If you’ve decided to halt a check payment, you should have a good cause. Because you might get into trouble if you attempt to halt the payment of the check for the improper reason.But before we go any further, I’d want to tell you a little bit about the IDFC First Bank, where you have an account.

 How to Cancel a Cheque Payment IDFC First Bank

Cause to cancel cheque payment in IDFC

A check may be stopped from being paid for a variety of reasons. For any of the following reasons, the account holder may issue a stop payment of check instruction:

  1. There is not enough money in the account to cover the cost of the check.
  2. The missing check
  3. Defective product received from vendor
  4. You may return the check if the order was canceled after it was issued.
  5. There is a typographical error on the cheque.

Cancel cheque payment in IDFC online

  • Visit the IDFC First Bank’s main website.
  • Choose the Login as a Customer option.
  • Pick Business & Personal Banking.
  • To access your IDFC Bank online banking account, please enter your IDFC Bank Username and Password.
  • Select Service Requests from the drop-down menu.
  • Select New.
  • Choose to Halt/View Check here.
  • The number of your bank account may be chosen.
  • Just type in the number of the cheque you wish to cancel.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts after clicking the “Proceed” button.

Cancel cheque payment in IDFC by sms

To cancel a payment on a check issued by Idfc Bank, just send a text message from your registered phone to the bank’s short code. The first step is to provide your cell phone number to your chosen financial institution. Sending an SMS from a non-registered mobile number will result in the message being rejected by the bank.
The bank provides several standard short message service (SMS) codes for carrying out these sorts of transactions. To cancel a check payment, send an SMS with one of these explanation codes. Message service provider (SMS) codes may be found on the websites of individual financial institutions.

Steps to cancel cheque payments in IDFC by customer care

  • To speak with a representative, use the bank’s toll-free number, 1800 419 4332.
  • Select the language you want to use for the remainder of the session.
  • Using the available IVR menus, you may have your call routed to a customer service representative.
  • Call the customer service number and explain that you want to cancel the payment of the check.
  • If a representative contacts you about your account, please respond to their inquiries.
  • Namely, the cheque number you want to have voided.

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