A Complete Guide To Roku Link Code Activation

Posted on: December 20, 2019

To activate Roku device and complete the setup you Roku device needs to be linked to the Roku account. Roku link code activation is used to link the Roku device. Today we will tell you What is link code activation and how to get it and activate it.

What is Roku link code activation?

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Roku streaming player is the most convenient and economical way of online content streaming these days. Its also the most popular amongst users against its competitors like Apple TV or amazon fire stick. ITs is very easy to setup. You just need to connect it to HDMI slot of your Tv and connect it to wifi and you get the link code activation. This is the code is required for activation of your Roku device and you get it after you connect your device to the desired wifi. You need to link it to your Roku account in order to activate you Roku streaming device.

The process is very simple and easy going. However, still sometimes people fail issues with the entering the link code activation, sometimes due to their or negligence or mistake during the link code activation setup process and sometimes due to system failure or network issue. How ever with our step by step guidance over the phone or with on the chat you can easy setup or roku streaming device and link code activation.

How to get the Roku code link?

get roku code link

As mentioned above link code activation is a process that is used to activate your Roku streaming device or your Roku TV. In order to get the link code activation you can follow a simple step by step process. At the very start you need to connect you Roku streaming player to the HDMI slot on your TV and with Tv remote control select the hdmi slot on your tv, Once you are done with that then follow the instructions on Tv and connect it to the available WIFI network at your place. After that you need to select the resolution on the Tv screen from 720p to 1080p and once its selected system will automatically run a software update. Once software update is complete it will show you the Roku com link.

How to activate your Roku?

Roku streaming player helps your streaming your favourite online content either via wired or wireless internet on your TV. Be it channels like Netflix, hulu, Amazon prime, sling or less popular like Adult swim, crackle etc or you local or satellite channels like espn, fox, abc, or nbc, it takes input from internet via your wifi router and give output to your Tv setup. But before you get access to all of that you need to activate your Roku streaming player or Roku Tv with Roku link code activation. You can do it by few simple steps and enjoy 1000’s of online channels with unlimited streaming content.

  • Get your setup and connect it to power supply.
  • Connect you device to HDMI slot and select the HDMI option on your tv screen also.
  • Connect your streaming device to your wired or wireless internet. Make sure you have selected the correct wifi network and entered correct password.
  • Once your Roku device is connected to wifi its time for Roku link code activation.
  • After getting the link code activation, you need to sign in with your Roku account and if you don’t have Roku account the you need to Setup the account on Roku.com.
  • Now you need to visit www roku com link and type the code on prompted box for link code activation, it will auto activate the device now.

Once the Roku com link activation code and account setup is done will be able to choose and subscribe for the various channels available of your choice.