Enjoy 30 Days of Free Roku Premium Video

Posted on: April 2, 2020

Before diving into actual news

if you are still struggling with link code activation then feel free to skip the below section and jump to the end section as before enjoying the free Roku premium video offer you obviously need to activate your Roku first. If you don’t have any issue with your Roku then feel free to continue reading.
Getting bored in quarantine time? If you already have Roku then here is good news for you that you might be waiting for a long period of time. Many entertainment companies are coming ahead to encourage people to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this, Roku is a new addition. You will be glad to know that Roku is offering 30 days of free premium TV trial. Yes, you read it the right company is launching a Home Together initiative that offers extended 30-day trials of familiar services and networks. Showtime, Epix, A&E Crime Cental, and Hallmark are among the more popular services that are available on tap. Gaiam, Grokker, and FitFusion like services will help you in staying in shape when you in quarantine and following stay at home rule. Apart from that, you can also love to explore Smithsonian and Acorn TV like specialty stations.
So how you can get these channels? Well, all you need to do is explore the channels by either exploring areas like “Featured Free” or you can simply visit The Roku Channel. Make a note that all of these are a promotional thing and one needs to unsubscribe unnecessary channels in order to keep yourself away from extra charges that may occur after the free trial is over. 30 days is enough to decide which channel you need to subscribe to and which are not. Make the best of your 30 days and stay at home.
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