What is Roku Streaming Device?

Roku Streaming Device is one of the fastest-growing entertainment portals all over the world with an estimated 11.2 million users (and increasing) worldwide use some sort of TV streaming Device or APP for their smartphones, tablets or PCs. This is becoming popular between all age groups, Be it youngsters, middle-aged people or elderly. It gives you freedom from cable tv obligations and you just need to pay for Channels that you subscribe to.

All you need is wireless internet, Roku Streaming Stick. After that, you need to perform some steps for activating Roku streaming device with Roku com link.

How to Setup Roku Streaming Device?

Roku Streaming device is easy to setup however sometimes for technically weak people this could be the task to setup. Most of the devices need to setup their accounts also or Roku Enter Link Code. So you also need to know how to go online and setup the account for various channels and streaming devices and enter the ROKU ACTIVATION CODE. For example ROKU COM LINK.

If you are not so familiar with it and you find it difficult to setup then you don’t need to worry, you can follow the following steps for Roku Streaming Stick Setup.

How to get Roku Activation Code or Roku Com Link

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  1. Take your streaming device out of the packing box and connect the power cable to the device.
  2. Connect once side of the power cable tot eh wall outlet and device to the HDMI slot of your TV.
  3. Take your TV remote and select the HDMI slot on your TV screen by pressing then put button.
  4. Now grab your Streaming device Remote and select the language from ENGLISH, FRENCH or SPANISH.
  5. Select the wireless connections available on your tv screen and enter your wifi password.
  6. Once the software is updated on the TV screen it will give your Roku com activation code to ENTER.
  7. Go online on your PC, phone or tablet and open the www roku com link Website and enter Roku code link for LINK CODE ACTIVATION.

Voila, There you go. You are all set.


After following the above steps if you still feel that you are still not done or need further help you can always call our contact help desk where our trained executives can help you solve your query and help you setup a streaming device or help you enter Roku  Activation link code.

Our Roku CUSTOMER Support services help you connect your streaming device on your TV and enjoy video’s you have been waiting to watch eagerly. All you have to do is call the support help TOLL-FREE Roku Support number and the technician will help you quickly or will schedule a visit at your place.
We are just a call away to your questions answered to ROKU TV LINK CODE or any help with your Roku streaming device setup, Roku enter link code and Roku com activation code.

How to Set up a Roku Account?

Just like you need Play store account for your phone or tablet. The same way you need to set up a Roku account to setup any Roku streaming device or Roku Tv. Roku account is your virtual manager to Activate Roku streaming device and Tv. You also need Roku account to Manage, add or delete your various channels like Netflix, Hulu, Sling etc through Roku account. You can also add or delete various cable tv Channels.

In order to set up the Roku account you need to login to www Roku com link, click on the sign-in option. You can use your email as the user id and then setup the password. The password should be unique which could include 1 higher case character, 1 lower case character, 1 numeral digit, and 1 special character. Ir will also require your Date of birth.

Once you submit the first online form it will lead to the second form and there you need to provide 4 digit PIN number. Its a unique number to be used when you buy some movies on Roku account or subscribe for any paid channel like Netflix, Hulu, Sling, etc.

Once you submit the second page, you will get a new page where you need to enter your billing details like credit/debit card, your billing name, and billing address. You will not be charged for anything here it is just for the record purpose so that if you want to Rent a movie or subscribe for anything then you will be charged through this payment info.

You Can also use your PayPal account details here instead of credit/debit card details.

What makes Roku so special?

One of the biggest benefits of using Roku is that you can get rid of your heavy cable bills and unwanted channels. You just need the internet to stream through Roku and you can use Roku Streaming stick anywhere while traveling too. You can connect it in the trailer, hotel or virtually anywhere, where you can get internet access.

Roku offers a huge amount of free content shows, channels, and movies that you can subscribe via your Roku account and stream directly on Your TV screens. You can obtain more than 4000 free and paid Roku channels.

It is a Perfect device to stream economically. Roku stick costs just under $30.00. All you need is the internet at your place and other than that you will only pay when you add any subscription channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HULU, etc.

Link Code Activation – One Stop Solution For Roku TV and Roku Com Link Activation Problems

Roku is the most used TV streaming device leaving behind Apple TV, First Stick or Chromecast TV. Unlike other competitors, Activate Channel Link is easier and less complicated like you cannot watch amazon prime since there is first between Apple TV and Amazon. Activate Channel Link has pioneered the TV streaming and smart technology that made online streaming much easier. You can easily get Activate Channel Link help.

However, technology changes every day and users can still find the problem using it or while Activate Link Code or Activating Link code. This is where you need the TV activation channel help for the problems related to Roku TV Link Code or Activation ERROR 001.

We are backed by the qualified and expert helpers of TV Professionals who know the issues inside out. We can not only help you get started with Link/Com support. If you encounter any problem with the Roku ACTIVATION PROCESS. You can call given Roku Customer Service Phone Number to get instant help.

Support for
Streaming Stick

Support for
Streaming Player

Support For
Smart TV

Following are few technical support services including but are not limited to the following:

  • When you are unable to stream apps like Netflix or You tube on your TV.
  • You can get help to activate your TV streaming device smoothly.
  • We help you with adding or activating channels to your Activation account.
  • Helping you display other types of media through your Streaming Device on your TV.
  • Unable to set up the account to activate or Add any channels.
  • Activation Browser screen is blank
  • Unable to sign-in
  • HDX low or no connectivity with internet or Error 003
  • Screen Frozen.
  • Browser Screen is Blank.
  • It keeps disconnecting from the Internet/ WiFi or TV Error 009.


Roku Streaming Express

Roku Streaming Express is the cheapest method of immediate streaming. It comes with a simple step-by-step which makes it an ideal device for beginners. Whether you are technically sound or just layman both can easily set this up. IT comes with a hi-speed HDMI cable with no monthly equipment fee.

An easy to use remote is also included in the package.

Roku Streaming Stick

Roku streaming stick not only makes your TV smart, but it also makes your room smart with wireless streaming. If you are planning a garden movie night then all you need is a Roku streaming stick to be the best host. It is a little costlier than the express model but has a lot to offer including HDR, 4K, and HD along with the highest color quality.

Toll-Free Roku Number: +1-(866) 819-3021